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What is it?

The Time Box contains 23 cards.
Each card has something to tell you, saying it with simplicity, gentleness and attention, accompanying you to reflect on the greatest gift we have: time.

How? Each card has been designed to offer you precious reflections, as well as practical methods and useful advice to better manage your daily activities and enhance every moment of your life.

Leave it on your desk to arouse the curiosity of your collaborators, take it home for an after-dinner evening with your friends. Or keep it for yourself, and enjoy its company in those moments where you speak to yourself.

The Time Box is an elegant gift coffer for yourself or for those your dearly love.

What’s inside?

All the time in the world inside 23 cards.
Each one is a stage in a precious journey on your own, with your family or at work.

Each card inside The Time Box contains useful suggestions and practical advice for efficient use of your time, to better manage your daily activities, work and study.

By buying one you can enjoy a unique experience with the author: 90 minutes live with a small group of people. A precious exchange and discussion to improve your time management.

The Time Box is a ticket for a unique and stimulating journey: a journey inside your time. It’s the small things that can bring about the greatest changes in life.

The author

Alessandro Costantino is an organisational consultant and expert time management trainer who has managed, through The Time Box, to create a new, unique and original tool to disseminate time management best practices in a simple manner and with various levels of depth.

Alessandro has carried out extensive research over the last ten years, including professional courses, books, and exchange of experience with world class trainers. This acquired knowledge and competence is at the basis of The Time Box project, not limited to the content of the box itself but continuing through the blog and social media with new and captivating content.

Do not miss the experience with Alessandro and other Time Lovers during the monthly exchange with The Time Box owners.