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How THE TIME BOX was born: the magic box that helps you to improve time management

The Time Box is a magic box that contains time: a gift box with 23 cards inside providing practical advice to improve how you manage your time, from daily activities to work or study. A genuine time management tool. The Time Box was born from the story and intuition of Alessandro Costantino, Business Gardener: let him tell you how The Time Box came about.

Time has always fascinated me for its relativity: it can be your friend if you know how to handle it or your foe if you don’t know how to use it to your advantage.

Your mood, your job, your success are all closely interconnected with your time management.

The idea behind The Time Box was born precisely for those who believe time is not just chronological, but much more than just the clock hands turning.

Time is above all what we make of it.

This led me to think that, despite time being our most precious asset, it is also what we take least care of. There is no one recipe that suits everyone, rather there are the paths laid down by those who, before us, studied, researched and thought about time.

We can follow these paths and make them ours.

When did the idea of The Time Box arise?

The idea of The Time Box was born ten years ago, through a conversation with Carlo Frisardi, a dear friend and brilliant professor of communication. We were talking about a very particular topic: the “materialisation of services”.

A beer, a pizza and reflecting on SmartBoxes, those gift coffers used to gift people with a holiday, a dinner, but in reality, contain real “experiences”.

CThen came illumination: “Listen, Carlo,” I said, “why don’t we create a TIME BOX as a means to gift oneself or others such a precious thing as time?”.

My original idea of the magic box was a box containing useful objects to navigate the theme: a clock, some books on Time Management and a Meditation wine.

Carlo, enthusiastic, immediately took up my invitation but “with reserve”. A few days later he showed me the Ideo Method Cards, launching his challenge:

“We’ll make a Time Box with Time Cards inside”.

We started thinking about the idea, putting together our Time Box one piece after another and reflecting on the contents of the cards; from then on, the phases followed on from each other: testing, editing, cutting, modifying, prototypes …

Not every doughnut comes with a hole, however! The packaging for the first cards was almost a flop: they were slightly crooked, with golden graphics that stained irreparably. Furthermore, the first boxes were complicated to assemble. We had to start again from scratch.

We took up the idea again, we reviewed the critical aspects and, for each one, we devised a new solution. We wanted our cards to be involving in every way, not just thought provoking. So, we thought about making them attractive from a visual, sensorial and tactile point of view.

Today, The Time Box, the magic Time box, helps many people, including students, workers, professionals, and entrepreneurs to manage time and to create more free time to build into their schedule between one duty and another.

The Time Box is inside our bags, on the bedside table, on our desk, under the sun umbrella on the beach, in the garden or in the mountains. We look after it every day to improve our time and to grow more.

Today, The Time Box contains 23 cards that make you the master of your time; with simplicity, gentleness and attention, we offer you practical methods and useful advice to better manage your activities, or to reflect on the most precious asset we possess: time. Awareness and organisation lead to great things.

This is why each card is the result of profound research.

Gift yourself some time with The Time Box or make a precious present to someone your dearly love: make the dream the Time Box was conceived for come true.