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Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Are you a company or an individual who would like a customised box? Contact us by e-mail at .

We will provide all the necessary information and details on the cost, production methods and timing.

Why choose us

A creative and productive pause

The Time Box is a productive pause.

An opportunity to reflect on how you spend your time and to generate ideas on how to organize it better.

An original gift

The Time Box is an original gift.

A gesture to tell the people you work with “your time is precious to me: enhance it, take a pause, reflect.”


The Time Box is customisable.

You can choose the formula that best suits your company: we have ideal solutions for every context.

What they say about us

“Every time I find myself with a few spare minutes, I look inside the box and choose which activity I want to pursue. Half an hour studying isn’t much, or at least that’s what I originally thought, but adding them all up I managed to study 9 hours in one week. And I already feel the benefits: my mind expanding, the dots joining up, creativity galloping...”

Annalisa MonfredaDirector of Donna Moderna

“Each card whispers some advice to stimulate reflection and open the path to new ways to address the day. Whispering, gently and unpretentiously.
I really do feel this sensation when I evaluate the meaning (excellently) narrated through the texts. Simple concepts, nothing particularly introspective, just phrases that open doors onto a more aware way of living your daily life.”

Davide BertozziCopywriter, creative director and author

“Who has ever considered the fact that “Trust saves time”?

Or, who has ever implemented the principles of the economist Pareto, according to whom 80% of our results are determined by 20% of our activities? Well,
reading this box helps in the effort to save time.”

Isabella NapoliLa Repubblica